You ARE Good

You aren’t a bad person; you are a person who happens to have the life those who call you a bad person desire, but instead of looking to you as a vision of hope and viewing all you have accomplished as inspiration, they have perverted your existence, blaming you for their failures and internal dissatisfaction. There is no cure for their misplaced criticism (no way they will ever welcome you) other than for them to either become honest with themselves about what life choices led them to where they are today or for you to abandon all you’ve prayed, sacrificed, and worked (mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally) for, becoming as miserable as they are.

Stand strong in the knowledge of your own character & personality, refusing to allow their emotional manipulation to lead you to ruminate whether or not you’re “good.”

You ARE good! – your presence just happens to be a reminder that they aren’t who or where God called them to be, and because they can’t handle that truth, they substitute the conviction they feel inside for rage toward you. Respond with too much sympathy and you will become moved to meet needs for them that God has not called you to meet, causing you to become trapped in their cycle of drama and distracted from your own peace & stability. Respond with complete rejection and you will also be rejecting God’s attempts to use you as a change agent. Balance is key! – respond with prayer, a willingness to (with boundaries) help them in times of duress, and a commitment to continue building a life worth desiring, recognizing that when God chooses to use you to inspire others, the devil will choose to use others to envy you.

In the name of wellness,


Author: dylesiabarner

Dylesia Barner is an author, speaker, and therapist from Portsmouth, VA.

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