Our Team


Dylesia Barner, LCSW – Owner

The Existence, Consciousness, Bliss team is led by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dylesia Barner. Dylesia’s clinical capacity includes crisis care counseling and individual, group, couple, and family psychotherapy serving children, adolescents, and adults. Over the years, Dylesia has provided therapeutic services to a number of specialized client populations including Veterans, offenders, severe mentally ill adults, terminally ill adults and their grieving loved ones, engaged and married couples, men struggling to communicate in romantic relationships, women experiencing family of origin and boundary issues, and college students. She has experience treating presenting problems that range from conflict resolution, communication, and academic/occupational issues to severe substance use, acute psychotic breaks, and suicidal/homicidal ideations and attempts. Dylesia has also diagnosed and effectively treated a range of DSM-V disorders – including those within the depressive, anxiety, trauma, and personality disorder categories – and she has worked in settings requiring the use of several short and long-term treatment modalities. Dylesia’s familiarity with a variety of theoretical orientations allows her to employ elements from a range of therapeutic techniques, ultimately offering each of her clients a personalized treatment experience.

In addition to serving as the Owner of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, Dylesia is an author and speaker. She writes Christian devotionals and self-help material, also speaking domestically and internationally on a variety of industry-specific topics, her favorite being how to provide effective counseling and therapy to victims of spiritual abuse.